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Apartment Disinfestations

Disinfestations of Apartments

Our "kingdom" for all of us is the place where we live. Hygiene is the first and last factor of quality in our lives and of the seamless engagement with any activity that our presence within our home may involve. Especially when it comes to an apartment, the last thing you want to see is insects crawling next to you, especially as far as apartments are concerned. Of course, it is certain that at some point you will meet them, since they live in almost every house and most of the time they are well hidden.

Unwanted "roommates"

In some cases, insects in an apartment can be completely harmless, but some species pose a serious risk not only to objects and food, but also to humans themselves. Their annoying stings, the fact that they transmit diseases and destroy food, furniture, clothes, etc., are reasons why disinfestation in the apartment is considered necessary. Protect steps in where there are: • Cockroaches • Bedbugs • Fleas • Mosquitoes • Ants • Scores • Wasps • Any other insect that can be found in an apartment.

Our company provides you with a wide variety of disinfestation packages, depending on the problem that is identified, having as an aim and main concern your protection from any kind of insect, and the safety of the residents and the environment. Fully respecting your privacy and your personal space, our specialized staff provides services capable of solving health problems, always safely and at highly competitive prices.

Protect uses sanitary products that are 100% safe for you, your children and pets, are odorless, ecological and work extremely well on a wide range of surfaces. In addition, they meet all the necessary conditions of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, in order to meet the highest requirements of quality, safety and reliability. They are used rationally in the smallest possible doses with long-lasting control, and do not stain. They are also non-toxic and therefore allow immediate use of the space after application. In special cases of disinfestation, when it is deemed necessary to take additional precautions after spraying, the crew and the technician will inform you in a timely and detailed manner.
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Call Protect for disinfestation at:

  • Floors, terraces, exterior walls and gutters
  • Bathrooms, WC, sinks, siphons, bathtubs ..
  • Behind and under fixed objects, devices ..
  • Kitchens, sinks, behind and under electrical appliances ..
  • Windows and other openings of the apartment ..
  • Storage spaces (if necessary)

The Protect method There are many ways to treat insects, which vary depending on the species. The most common way is to spray in all possible places where an insect may have nested and reproduced, as well as in all possible places through where it can pass. Protect implements a comprehensive insect control program, which includes the following steps:
  • Site inspection.
  • Locating outbreaks.
  • Identification of insects.
  • Selection of the appropriate control method (residual spraying, nebulization-fogging, use of traction gel bait) depending on the species and characteristics of the insect.
  • Space protection with attractive pheromone traps for reptiles and flying insects.

The necessary actions must ofter be taken in a strictly defined order, in order to exterminate not only the adult insects, but also their larvae and eggs. This prevents the restoration of the size of their population. Also remember that the longer the application areas are not cleaned (requires at least 10 days), the better the results. Therefore, it is recommended that the area be cleaned in advance so that it does not have to be cleaned again relatively soon.

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