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Warehouse Disinfections

Warehouse disinfection

Whether it is means of portable storage or fixed storage facilities, the need for a clean and germ-free environment, is imperative. This is achieved by disinfection, ie the use of methods (natural, chemical or a combination thereof) for the purpose of limiting the growth of microorganisms to levels safe for the quality of food.

The difference between disinfection and disinfestation

With the term "disinfection" customers many times request to fight rodents and insects, something which although is not a proper term, has prevailed, because mainly both mice and cockroaches, carry pathogenic microorganisms that threaten public health. When we therefore eradicate this kind of parasites, we actually achieve, as to a degree, the disinfection of a space, ie we rid it of dangerous germs that parasites carry in both their body and their feces. Disinfection in the proper sense of microbicide, is invasive, as are of course the applications of disinfestation and rodenticide, especially on warehouses, which are an ideal environment for the growth of insects, rodents and germs.

Apart from the purpose of fighting germs, disinfectants can also be used in order to free a storage space from unpleasant odors. Applications have the ability to deal with odors caused by fungi or bacteria with special disinfectants, and thus giving the sprayed space a feeling of freshness. The medicines used are approved by EOF and are specially designed for areas with a bad odor and intense microbial load, such as old warehouses and in general areas with humidity and limited light.

Warehouse insects that pose a threat

Depending on the products that are in a warehouse, we come across different species of warehouse insects, which can infect products and create problems. With the term warehouse insects (also known as moths food) we mean what is in the warehouses where products and agricultural, industrial or livestock food are stocked, and which may infringe and consequently directly damage a product. Most species of warehouse insects belong to Coleoptera (beetles) and Lepidoptera (butterflies). It is important to know that each species of the warehouse insects has different biology, ie different habits, different biological cycle and different dietary preferences.

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Invest in success with Protect

Business productivity and competitiveness, regardless of the size, is directly related to the proper operation of the warehouse. This is another very important reason to ensure the cleanliness of your business’s food and beverage warehouse, making it even more so powerful.

Come to Protect to evolve your storage in an integral part of your corporate success! You will have to deal with a lot of problems if your warehouse is not free of harmful visitors no matter how good its spatial planning is. Protect’s applications are carried out in all parts of your space with professional equipment and by using special germicidal materials that are approved broad-spectrum disinfectants. With us you are absolutely sure that disinfection work poses no risk to humans and to the environment, as they are made according to the official instructions and rules of Health and Safety, and are fully certified.

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