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Disinfestation For Fleas

Disinfestations for Fleas

Despite their small size, fleas are one of the most annoying and dangerous insects that exist, because they transmit diseases such as plague or typhoid fever, while some species act as transmitters of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood.

Characteristics, morphology, abilities

These are external parasites, which feed on the blood of mammals and birds, and are distinguished by the hardness of their body, which allows them to withstand pressure, such as scratching. They can also jump up to 200 times their length, and their population increases 6 weeks after the temperature rises from winter to spring-summer. What does this mean in practice? That there may be fleas in your area without you realizing it! That is why the implementation of precautionary measures is the most important thing to do. Simultaneous action for your home, yard and pet is essential to prevent flea recurrence.

Circle of life

A characteristic of these insects is that they can live on the host (which is their main source of food) for up to 100 days, while their cocoons, larvae and eggs are extremely hidden from nature. Remember that the biological cycle of fleas can last up to 2 years and that eggs and nymphs can remain dormant for many months, to become active as soon as the right conditions are right, ie they are potential hosts.

Professional treatment for sure results

At Protect we provide effective and safe applications in order to fight flea infestation. Our company carries out a thorough inspection to identify the areas where the immature stages of the population of these parasites live, which are usually perceived after the problem of their existence acquires large dimensions. The more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to deal with them! In addition, whatever natural flea control approach you might follow, the problem will rarely be completely eliminated, and you will need a lot of time. So do not waste time. Contact Protect professionals! Contact us and our specialized staff will completely eliminate fleas in a short time. without leaving their homes.
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Indications that you need flea disinfestation

  • Small red marks on your skin that usually do not itch unless you are allergic
  • Your dog or cat (the most dangerous flea is that of the cat) has intense constant itching all the time. In this case, the pet should be sprayed with a special spray and professional flea disinfection should be planned. In the rest areas of the pet is where we meet most of the populations
  • Detect fleas with the naked eye, something rare, but when it happens, you need to take drastic measures

The four steps to eradicate fleas:
  • Properly prepare the house for a successful treatment.
  • Treatment of pets for their deworming.
  • Disinfestation of indoor spaces.
  • Disinfestation of outdoor areas where flea activity is observed.

Protect intervenes where there are possible flea “targets” and gives a final solution! Houses, warehouses, super markets, hotels, factories, public buildings, stables, lawns, parks, carpets, wallpapers, etc., no matter how clean they are, they can be infested at any time by these annoying insects. We guarantee the effective disinfestation of fleas, always at economical prices and with respect to the environment. The insecticidal materials that we have chosen to use, are approved by the EOF. for residential areas and have a low toxicity certification.

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