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Kapodistriou 32, 104 32, Athens - Kon. Karamanli, 85100, Rhodes
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Disinfestations of Schools,gyms, other sports venues

Disinfestations of Schools, Gyms, other sports venues.

Children in safety priority In Protect we treat anthropocentrically all customers with whom we cooperate, honoring the trust they show us. Our company is committed with intergrity and business ethics to provide honesty and transparency, having man and scientific knowledge as the center of focus for all its actions. Our sensitivity in regard to everything that has to do with children is high. As the first line of defense of children against diseases is cleanliness, Protect can only listen to the special needs for disinfestation of each school.

Disinfestation in a school is intended to help deal with all kinds of unwanted insects, the presence of which may create outbreaks of contamination in buildings and constitutes a serious risk to the environment and the educational process. Let us not forget that public concern in regard to health and environmental risks associated with chemicals, has greatly increased during the past few years, especially when children are involved. That is why we guarantee complete safety in every disinfestation application we will carry out.

School "shield" against pests

School principals and other persons in charge of recruitment decisions on pest control in school buildings must be aware of all available pest control options. Reduction of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals is in everyone’s best interest and in Protect we have the knowledge and the way to do it.

It is self-evident that the fight against insects is necessary for the places where children are present, given the fact that insects are carriers of transmited diseases and their sting or presence is a risk for public health. Cleanliness is a very important ally to the protection of the health of our children and our company guarantees safe control of both crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, etc.) as well as fllying insects (mosquitoes, flies, wasps, etc.). As we must explain to children the benefits of cleanliness for our health and them how to protect themselves and those around them from pathogens microorganisms, so, first of all, we must ensure an absolute safe and clean environment for them.

The materials used for the disinfestation are certified by the National Medicines Agency (EOF), suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, with immediate action and rapid release and entry of the active substance they contain. They also have a long duration of action, but mainly low acute toxicity. Applications are performed proactively or depending on the size of the parasitic infection, and the company gives you a certificate of application after their completion, which is accompanied by ISO 9001 document, that enlists in full detail the materials that were used in the application, the person in charge of disinfectation that made the application, the responsible scientist who supervised the drugs and the application.

All of the above also apply to the disinfestations of gyms and other sports venues. Service providing businesses of sanitary interest such as gyms, are required by law to keep a disinfestation-pesticide file, and at Protect we also deal with these cases in an anthropocentric manner. Your customers can enjoy every sport activity in busy communal areas, free from annoying insects ,thanks to us. In the disinfestation process , first there is prevention, which includes the total of actions that prevent the survival or entry of insects into someone space. Based on their biological cycle and the points where they are used to move, we take appropriate preventive measures. The fight includes the applications of an integratedt tasks program. The main methods of insect control are residual spray, nebulizer, gel application, usage of pheromone traps and insect traps for reptile and flying insects, while there are also specialized methods, such as fumigation (fumigation).
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