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Health Centers Disinfestation

Disinfestations of Businesses of Sanitary interest

Every proper professional has to have high demands regarding the operation of his business, and the hygiene part is of paramount importance. Companies of sanitary interest are especially obliged to follow a disinfestation program with a simultaneous record keeping when it comes to dealing with enemy insects and the dangers / problems that lurk from their presence. The program is updated upon each application in the folder that contains all the necessary documents (Pesticide File) and concerns mass catering companies, such as:

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • bakeries
  • confectioneries and bakeries
  • supermarket
  • Butchers and fishmongers
  • fruit shops
  • frozen food stores
  • food laboratories
  • Food warehouses
  • wineries
  • smaller stores etc.

Furthermore, service providing companies that are obliged to adhere to an insect control program (as well as any kind of pest) as a need to ensure public health are:
  • hotels
  • tuition centers and educational schools
  • schools
  • nursing homes
  • the gyms
  • tattoo parlors
  • hairdressers and beauty salons, etc.

According to the Greek and European legislation, the instructions of EFET and the international quality standards (HACCP, ISO), in each of the above areas, preventive disinfection applications must be made on a regular base. All actions that are taken or should be planned to reduce the risk of deterioration in the quality of food, infrastructure or services are recorded in the file kept at the company

Why disinfection should be done in a health business:

  • To ensure the lasting health of its staff and customers.
  • To prevent bad reputation before it becomes known that insects were observed.
  • To comply with the periodic applications by pest control professionals, and keeping an up-to-date pest control record that are called for by legislation.
  • In order not to contaminate its products with insect feces.
  • To be able to save money in the long run.

Protect's complete solutions

At Protect we use a comprehensive pest management program with respect for public health and the environment. Initially, the infestation of your space is assessed and analyzed, while preventive measures are taken to avoid future infestations. After the inspection is completed, we proceed with suggesting suitable precautionary measures. Such suggestions can be:

  • better sealing of the space
  • sealing with the most suitable materials and blocking some points or cleaning tasks in specific areas and machinery.

We prioritize in the application of non-toxic methods, while the use of biocidal preparations is selective and as limited as possible. All insecticides used are ecological (harmless to humans, pets and the ecosystem), colorless, odorless and highly effective. In addition, they have been approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, and are intended for use in areas of sanitary interest.

Spraying is done externally and around the company’s perimeter for the prevention against reptiles, while in cases of severe infestation by reptiles and mainly cockroaches, the thermal method of disinfestation is applied to machines or the area, with special equipment. Thus, all forms of insects, even their eggs, are exterminated in a non-toxic way. All electric insect traps and adhesive spare parts used have safety certificates.

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