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Mosquito Extermination Services

The mosquito is a dipteran insect of the Culicidae family with about 3,500 species worldwide. Of these, only 80 bite people. It is one of the deadliest “animals” on the planet.

The whistle they make comes from their synchronized fluttering. Mosquitoes do not resist the wind, and with it they can be transported over very long distances.
Their activity has to do with the temperature and humidity of the air. So in the early morning, early night and at night most species are more active and sting, while others sting around the clock.


It has a slender and long body that is covered with scales and has long, very thin legs, which only allow it to rest. Its wings are membranous. It is characterized by an elongated proboscis that comes out of its oral cavity.
The male mosquito has more hairy antennae than the female. Mosquitoes feed on nectar or pollen found in the wild, but females also need blood to lay eggs. A mosquito can live in ideal conditions for 5 to 6 months.
If the female makes a blood meal, then her eggs mature and she lays them on the surface of the water, and then the larvae that feed on various organics hatch. debris or other mosquitoes and small insects. The larvae are aquatic and equipped with two respiratory systems that allow them to breathe both underwater and above.
The elasticity they have in their lower abdomen allows them to move quickly by hitting it. water.
Mosquitoes are irritated and attracted by movement, body heat, humidity and exhaled carbon dioxide (which they can recognize from a distance of 17.5 meters). However, how often a person bites has to do with their genes. Some people emit odors from their bodies that can be attractive to mosquitoes, while other people can repel odors.

The female pierces the skin with 6 “pins” in her mouth, pulling out a hemolytic and antihistamine saliva and with its proboscis sucks the blood, which ends up in his abdomen. Depending on the quantity, it grows, since it has great elasticity. Mosquito bites cause redness of the skin, swelling and intense itching. Despite the prevailing view, a dark skin attracts more mosquitoes than a light one.

Mosquito species

There are 3 common species of mosquitoes:

    • The useless
    • The common mosquito
    • The genus disgusting (tiger)



They transmit malaria, encephalitis, filariasis and yellow fever. The West Nile virus has been added to the diseases it can transmit.

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Yellow fever

Mosquito bite causes redness of the skin, swelling and intense itching

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