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Store Disinfections

Store disinfection

Any area is considered a potential source of infection. That is why it is an imperative need for disinfection to be carried out on all kinds of spaces and surfaces (objects, walls, furniture, etc.), ie scientific application with an aim to destroy the vast majority of pathogenic microorganisms. Proper operation and maintenance of a good reputation of a store can only be directly related to cleanliness.

The professional application of Protect offers the certainty of a clean space, something which no home remedy or amateur application can guarantee. Our vision is to offer cleanliness in the facilities of your store, based on the in-depth scientific knowledge and the need to protect the eco-conscious user-client. Our company gives substantial help in dealing with an invisible but real threat, either as a precaution or because a case has been identified. We follow the latest technology in the field of cleaning and disinfection, maintaining the most up-to-date equipment and application protocols. So, we create pleasant and above all healthy spaces in your store and we ensure the best possible result for you, improving your own quality of life, but also that of your customers.

Instructions before disinfection

Disinfection is carried out wherever it is possible for the disinfectant material to be applied. It is worth noting that before the application the space must be tidy and free of debris and any unnecessary material in order to achieve the maximum effect of decontamination on the surfaces.

In addition, a wet cleaning (mopping, liquid spils) should not be performed for 24 hours after the application process has been conducted.

Experience the luxury offered by a truly clean environment with Protect’s guarantee.

Protect ensures the purification of the atmosphere and at the same time relieves surfaces from all kinds of harmful germs and microorganisms. The disinfection methods we follow in each area may differ, depending on the problem and the needs that arise. After the autopsy of the site, we judge which is the most effective way to address the problem and take action.

Each store has its own special needs. That's why the disinfection method, type of disinfectants, materials, application duration, preparation, tasks, and instructions after application are tailored to the individual case of each customer. Our materials of the latest technology and methods effectively fight populations with potential resistance to common disinfectants or amateur applications, and spaces are delivered intact, without smells and discoloration.
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Our methodology

Indicative disinfection methods that we apply (all accompanied by Disinfection Certificate) are:

  • Low pressure spray.
  • Indoor smoking.
  • Cloud spraying.
  • Thermal control of dry steam (thus eliminating all pathogens microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, bedbugs, fleas, lice, etc.).

Protect has the know-how and expertise to eliminate any microbial "imprint" that has been left by every customer or employee who has visited a store, without affecting the "equipment", even the electronic and electrical ones. The perfect image of your business spaces is a commitment for us so that both staff and customers can enjoy a spotless healthy environment. Whatever the size of your store, whether retail or wholesale, we provide excellent disinfection services at competitive prices.

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