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Disinfection against Coronavirus

Disinfection against Coronavirus

Outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which caused the epidemic Covid-19 on a global scale, has created new data in its field disinfection in limiting the spread of the deadly virus. A comprehensive management plan is considered necessary for the fight of coronavirus disease, not only in periods of exacerbation but on a permanent basis until the coveted drug that will give a definitive solution is found at the moment.
Right now, the solution and the cornerstone of the reaction to The scourge of Covid-19 is (at the microbicide level) disinfection for coronavirus, especially in areas of increased synchronicity, such as mass media transport, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, common areas, hotels, etc. And in this particular area of ​​disinfection, Protect has the guarantees so that you feel and above all to be safe in any space that lurks risk of SARS-CoV-2.

Where and how long does the coronavirus "live"?

In addition to its given aerobic transmission, it was found that the coronavirus remains alive and active on many surfaces (eg knobs, lifts, computers, cell phones, beds) and even for several days. THE transmission of coronavirus from surfaces to humans is therefore a given we need to pay attention to what we touch and the disinfections are clearly done an integral part of our lives. How easily the virus can be transmitted, shown by the fact that it can survive on hard surfaces (e.g. plastic, stainless steel) up to 72 hours, 24 hours on paper, while it is detectable in the air for up to 3 hours. In addition, a single cough can produces up to 3,000 droplets, which contaminate any kind of surface.

Our company is at your disposal for the implementation of disinfection against of coronavirus, with a frequency adapted to the needs of your space, and intended to remain a powerful "weapon" in the "war" against the pandemic. THE Protect's scientific competence, the highly trained staff and the excellent state-of-the-art professional equipment we have, guarantee for Your best possible result, always with discretion and environmental compatibility.

Disinfection for COVID-19

All the work carried out by our experienced and specialized staff, always under the guidance of our scientific team, is accompanied by all the printed material related to the work and can be granted for: Checks update Evaluation Corrective actions The methods we apply regarding biocides are based on the use of biological and biodegradable preparations. They are stable and protected, the safest for humans and public health.

Coronavirus disinfection is performed:

  • Either with a portable nebulizer
  • Either with low pressure sprayers
  • Either with devices that produce ultraviolet radiation and high heat

Our company evaluates the need for frequency and application planning, depending on the rate of synchronicity and traffic. The data and safe conclusions are drawn from which proposed disinfection application program against Covid-19.

The special disinfectant products we use are approved by EOF, provide antiseptic and deodorization on solid surfaces and areas, no stain, and, unlike disinfectants, have no residue. THE Their application faithfully follows the instructions for use of the preparation, such as this one designated by the manufacturing company and the relevant approval by the competent Ministry.


When you choose us as a service partner, we offer professionalism, quality and reliability.
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