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Business Disinfections

Business Disinfection

A marketing saying states that "For every customer who complains, fifty leave,", which no business can ignore. In addition, based on data collected via survey, every complaint a company receives, corresponds to about 25 customers who had a problem but did not express it. Therefore consider the importance of getting an Excellence credit in the field of disinfection. The goal of disinfection is to fight germs and the transmission of diseases. Disinfection includes disinfestation and rodenticide in a broad sense and the control of all kinds of pests in general. We drastically reduce the viruse and pathogenic loads (germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) that pose risks to our health with the specific process that we use, as well as microorganisms that survive for a long time in surfaces with which man comes in contact.

The importance of disinfection

Disinfection ensures the hygiene of all areas of your business as well and the quality of services and products provided to your customers, but also to the company’s staff. The implementation of a disinfection – microbicide program reduces the level of the microbial load in business premises, and therefore the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. It also creates a sense of euphoria and hygiene, which increases employee productivity

"You can not have happy customers if you do not have happy staff" another marketing axiom mentions, and we at Protect are fully harmonized with the spirit imposed by the times, applying the most modern scientific techniques and safe for humans and the environment methods. Given that you can not take care of the disinfection of your business by yourself, since there is neither the know-how, nor the certified handling of cleaning materials and methods, you need experienced staff and approved germicides. Call Protect to maintain a high level of hygiene, with advanced methods and the most suitable and effective disinfectant cleaners for every case.

Do not forget that disinfection has a great indirect added value, extremely important for the smooth running of the business: it protects its good reputation while contributing positively to its finances by preventing damage to raw materials and materials that can have significant financial costs. In addition, Disinfection is necessary in cases after rodenticide, because rodents carry many dangerous diseases, as well as in cases of quarantine from flu, vaccines, etc.
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A separate plan for each space

The fight against parasites and the pathogenic load they carry, posing risks to public health, is effectively and safely addressed thanks to the complete disinfection programs, which are adapted to your space and case. Every business after all, has its own needs, which is why a personalized program of regular inspections and applications is needed, with "prevention" being the "Key" to successful pest management.

The 5 stages of Protect disinfection:

  • Scouting : We scout your business premises in detail to determine the size of the problem.
  • Protection: We apply the most ecological methods for use approved biocidal products, applied in accordance with current legislation and all health and safety regulations.
  • Reinforcement: We provide advice and guidance so that you can avoid re-igniting each hob.
  • Check: We keep a file of each of our applications and so we check the situation immediately if it is needed again.
  • Report: We always give you a detailed report on the development of the disinfection, useful information, etc

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