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Kapodistriou 32, 104 32, Athens - Kon. Karamanli, 85100, Rhodes
Monday-Friday: 09:00 to 17:00

Apartment disinfection

Disinfection of Apartments

Maintaining proper hygiene is very important for all apartments. Not only because it goes without saying, since if we neglect the regular cleaning and disinfection of our living space there is a risk to spread many diseases and epidemics, particularly harmful to humans. And the part of psychology is directly related to a free from all kinds of harmful microorganisms environment, as cleanliness helps significantly in reducing stress and depression, as recent surveys have shown. Under no circumstances should you risk the safety of your health. Protect will come and disinfect your apartment, killing pests and germs and eliminating all pathogens and pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, etc.).

Housekeeping starts with prevention

Our company mainly focuses on prevention, because it believes that it is "Key" to keeping a house free of "unwanted visitors ".

Doing, for example, preventive disinfection in the beginning of spring, you have doubly won, because on the one hand you anticipate the problem before its appearance and on the other hand you are also financially profitable, because if it the problem arises, there is a high probability that more than one application of disinfection is needed in order to eliminate it, and therefore higher costs.

Our basic principle therefore is that our properly designed health applications are done before the problems make their appearance. This is how we become more effective in fighting viruses and bacteria that can cause outbreaks of infection and endanger your health. But even in the most severe cases, we will give you the safest and immediate solutions using the most suitable products from EOF, which have all the necessary safety certificates. All materials are new generation materials and the most ecological and environmentally friendly, long lasting and completely safe for all vulnerable groups (infants, children, elderly, pregnant women).

Thorough and safe disinfection for totally protected houses

The goal of disinfection (microbicide) is to reduce the microbial load of an area, a surface, an object to acceptable levels. In a apartment, especially in large urban centers where the environment is not particularly clean, surface hygiene is a critical factor to dealing with contamination risk, and must comply with higher requirements in order to protect people but also materials and products, given the fact that microorganisms can survive for several months. No matter how good the work done by you is, disinfection by Professionals will make a difference in your apartment.

Visits to disinfect the apartment can be made at duration of the whole year, depending on the circumstance, and its results disinfection lasts 5 to 6 months. Our specialized crew has state-of-the-art equipment, able to cope with any situation dealing with the extermination of "unwanted visitors" in your space.
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We undertake the disinfection of apartments, covering:

  • Kitchen (sinks, back and under appliances).
  • Balconies (exterior walls, floors and gutters).
  • Balcony doors
  • Bathroom (siphons, sinks, showers, bathtubs, back and under devices).
  • Windows and screens
  • Storage spaces-lofts

We also undertake the disinfection of all public areas near your apartment, such as terraces, boiler rooms, garages, uncovered areas, etc. Trust Protect, because we offer advanced health services protection and disinfection at home, which will leave your space clean and safe at the same time, and you completely satisfied!

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