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  • A special permit for the control of insects and rodents in residential areas has been issued under no. 152347/3807 / 11.5.81 of the Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette 309 / Β / 29.5.81) and any relevant supplement or modification, which is issued by YAAT and granted to special scientists. To view our license, click here.
  • According to Regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the presence or introduction of sources of danger is referred to as “contamination”.
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The same regulation sets out the prerequisites for Risk Analysis and Critical Control Points( Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point )

Specifically, the HACCP authorities report:


Finally, Regulation 852/2004 states that food business operators must take appropriate measures, according to each case in order to prevent contamination by animals and harmful organisms as far as possible.

  • According to the hygiene guides issued by EFET, it is mentioned that in regard to issues of compliance with the legislation, adequate procedures must be established in a company to ensure that insects and other harmful animals or birds are controlled.


Insects and rodents carry large numbers of pathogenic microorganisms, destroy food and their packaging materials, pose a risk to workers’ health and are indicators of poor hygiene by the company.

Inspection of insects, rats, mice and birds should be provided in every business. To control them, companies should attend to:

  1. Restricting the entry of insects and rodents into the business
  2. The installation of electrical traps for insects
  3. The regular inspections of special advisors
  4. The use of approved insecticides

It is recommended that the control be done with special service crews and that a corresponding record be kept for the work.


Finally, we point out that according to the sanitary provision no. Υ1γ.Γ.Π / οικ. 96967, with subject “Hygienic terms and conditions for the operation of food and beverage undertakings in relation to the records of the undertakings concerned”, the appropriate process documentation records must be kept, in accordance with Article 5 of Regulation 852/2004 (HACCP principles), in relation to the nature and size of the business.


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