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Car disinfections

Disinfection of cars

For many people, the car is not just a vehicle that transports them to their workplace or to the place they have chosen to spend their free time. It is their "second home", a great love and a way of life, that if not treated with the necessary care regarding the part of its inside cleanliness, can be turned into a sanitary "bomb"! In in each case, the protection provided by meticulous and in-depth removal of harmful microorganisms from the private vehicle in addition to dust and dirt, is deemed necessary and truly "invaluable".

Biological cleaning is the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the interior of the car, carried out with special devices and special ecological (biodegradable) cleaning agents. It provides the maximum results when it accompanies and operates in addition to the standard care of our vehicle.

Why is it necessary to disinfect your car?

It is required primarily when you have bought a used car, since you can not know what kind of use the previous owner has made. But even if It is still a brand new car, disinfection is necessary if you have young children, you travel often, you suffer from allergies or you take your pets along with you.

The penetration of germs and bacteria particularly inside the fabric lining of the car, in combination with environmental factors, such as heat, humidity and air pollutants, can contribute in the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Also, biological purification is necessary when a large amount of water or any liquid -even biological material- has entered the car for any reason, possibly following an accident in the passenger cabin or in the trunk.
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Points to be disinfected

Biological cleaning, in particular, has to do with the cleaning and disinfection of the roof, the dashboard, the center console, the seat upholstery, the fabric linings, the carpets, the door upholstery, the luggage, the spare parts, the tools and in general all items are inside the car.

Additional points that we pay attention to during the disinfection process car:

  • Steering wheel.
  • Air conditioning ducts.
  • Seat belt and buckle. It is good to avoid hard belt cleaners, as they can damage the fibers and therefore its durability.
  • Armrest.
  • Sky clearing (where permitted by the manufacturer) ./ li>
  • Exterior door handles.
  • Trunk opening points (handfuls).
  • Internal door handle and their panels.
  • Engine start button, if available.
  • Central mirror.
  • Gear lever.
  • Flash and windscreen cleaning levers / buttons.
  • Central console.
  • Handbrake (or electric handbrake button).
  • Storage spaces.

The benefits of disinfection

Call Protect and give the interior of your car the care it needs with the professionalism and reliability offered by our company. Thanks to us you will have a guaranteed result in:
  • Inactivation of germs, viruses and bacteria.
  • Eliminate odors (eg smoking, clothes, mold, etc.).
  • Reduction and elimination of chemical residues in the air and on surfaces inside your car.

Written certification is provided for the suitability of the cleaners used to disinfect your car. In addition, the specific cleaners guarantee the complete disinfection of your vehicle, leaving no residue, and is safe for all textiles materials.

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