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Factory Disinfections

Factory disinfection

Regular disinfection of factories, especially in food industries and soft drinks, are a prerequisite for hygiene and cleanliness of these areas, but also a way to ensure public health. After all, we must not forget that the disinfections of public and private enterprises and organizations are required by national and European legislation. The need for microbicide on the premises of a factory of course has to do with its image and its proper functioning, as it happens in each business. Since the cleanliness of the factory extends to its overall image, it is paramount and should never be neglected.

Professional cleaning for old and new facilities

Although cleanliness is considered a given in factories, data holds an unpleasant finding: several industries fail to cope effectively with this determinant of their viability procedure. You of course have no reason to belong to this category. It goes without saying that you should not risk "sealing" the premises in a possible health check, because the germs are having a ... party! Call Protect and say "goodbye" to parasites and microorganisms that can harm your company, either by causing damage to the products or by forming dangerous outbreaks of contamination for the workforce and their recipients of your produced goods.

We have the right solutions and qualified staff to provide integrated industrial cleaning services in large and small facilities, with the aim of keeping them clean, safe and hygienic for both your employees and customers.

Disinfection is done with products approved by the National Pharmaceutical Agency and with the most modern methods of application by the experienced technicians of our company. In fact, the older a factory is, the more the need for microbicide is greater. Factories, such as food and beverage industries must meet the right conditions in order for the production of their products to take place in accordance with the health standards set by the EFET regulation.

Complete solution for shielding your facilities from germs, with the guarantee of Protect

At Protect we know that factories can not stop their production so that professional disinfection can take place. For this reason, we make sure that the disinfection service is carried out (as well disinfestation and / or rodenticide) in a very short time and of course immediately, without in any case reducing the quality of the final result.

The implemented materials are discreet and not stawl the general functions and obligations of the space. Thanks to our know-how, we are able to reach even the most inaccessible points, which are properly disinfected. Our experienced and well-trained staff, in combination with the use of the most modern and effective materials, guarantees a healthy and safe result.

With the begining of our collaboration, you will have a complete shielding solution of your facilities. Disinfection and relief from fungi, viruses, salmonella, bacteria etc. with responsibility, safety and efficiency, for the full consolidation of your premises, and always with the necessary certificate. The disinfectants and materials we use in disinfection, fully follow the specifications of the Ministry of Rural Development and comply with European regulations. They are odorless, completely safe for both man and the environment in general.

Trust Protect for the effective disinfection of employee premises, which is the driving force of your factory, helping it to stay that way functional!
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