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Store Disinfestation

Store Disinfestations

A complete disinfestation program should include a combination of precautionary measures and control methods. Whenever you encounter an insect problem in your store or you want to protect it from unwanted visitors, Protect applies the appropriate scientific approach to identify the root of the problem and apply the solution that best suits your need. Because every place and every store is different!

Protect as an ally in preserving your reputation

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we protect and maintain the good reputation of your store (eg restaurants, grills, taverns, ouzerie, cafes, pizzerias, nightclubs, fast-food, shoe / clothing stores, jewelry stores, etc.). ), which you have built with great effort. The disinfestations of stores are usually done during non-opening hours and require proper planning, specialization, know-how and responsibility, elements that our company offers in each of its collaborations.

By combining specialized human resources, modern equipment and suitable materials safe for humans and the environment, we achieve an excellent result of maximum possible duration and safety.

Usual and unexpected "enemies"

Early disinfestation contributes to the excellent hygiene of your space, as outbreaks of infection are avoided and the unpleasant consequences of the presence of insects are prevented. Insect control is necessary and mandatory by law, as they are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms and can have negative effects on Public Health. In addition their presence causes destruction of the product, defamation of the company, but also legal sanctions. So come to Protect to be sure that your store is free of all kinds of annoying insects, such as: • Cockroaches • Flies • Ants • Mosquitoes • Mosquitoes • Worms • Spiders • Wasps • Fleas • Bed bugs • Mites • Ticks • Scorpios • Centipedes • Termites • Saraki • Warehouse insects

Methods of control

Insect control, whether they have invaded your store from the outside environment, or live and reproduce inside it, is done depending on the type of insect and the extent of the problem, with the following certified disinfestation procedures :

  • residual spraying (using low pressure sprayers on insect nests and on surfaces where insects appear, such as corners, cracks or crevices).
  • application of a special fumigation insecticide (fumigation) : The drug is applied in the form of steam, and covers all inaccessible places, such as the stores where insects enter.
  • special food-luring traps
  • gel application (suitable mainly for cockroaches and ants, used in places where spraying is not possible, such as the kitchen). The gel is a sticky liquid, with an insect-friendly odor.
  • special coatings
  • spray: Applied with specially designed liquid – cold or hot – nebulizers, which drop insect repellent drops directly on the insect nests.
  • installation and operation of suitable insect traps in selected areas of your store.
  • The frequency of applications is determined depending on the type of store, the parasitological problems that are lurking and the frequency of their presence in the premises. All applications are completed by trained personnel, always taking all the necessary precautions.

All formulations used are original, tested and specialized for food areas and follow the legal requirements of the disinfestation permit. In addition they are  high-tech and friendly to humans, animals and the environment. Our company also provides a complete disinfestation file (health monitoring file), which can be adapted to any certified quality or food safety system (ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 1801).

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