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Factory Disinfestations

Factory Disinfestation

Disinfestation is a very important process, which makes a company both literally and metaphorically healthy. In areas such as industry and crafts, the operation of all types of businesses requires complete inspection of production and storage areas, as well as the environment. Food industries (meat products, fish, flour, pasta, dairy, nuts, etc.), Textiles, Dyehouses, Timber, Electrical, Aluminum, Plastic and Chemical Factories are part of the industry area that has the crutial need to control the population of field insects, but also insects of health importance (such as cockroaches) in their premises. The biggest problem usually is the causing of damage to the goods, as well as the fact that they cause dangerous outbreaks of infection for employees and recipients of the goods.

Protect your factory from insects with Protect’s guarantee

Protect, recognizing the high standards you have set, and applying methods that can meet your individual needs, guarantees you both the immediate response to your problem and the effectiveness of our action. Armed with experience and scientific knowledge regarding pests, we are able to understand the need to manage annoying - and not only - insects, to ensure and maintain the success of your business.

By following a comprehensive insect management program for the extremely sensitive sector of the food industry, but also for the rest of the factory sectors, we provide guaranteed solutions for your facilities. Protect disinfestation teams, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, will deal with any insect-related infection, providing you with a complete description and development of statistics in each application. Our company provides a complete disinfestation file, which can be adapted to any certified quality and food safety system ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005, and additionally uses integrated barcode systems in all insect traps.

Protect guarantees that:

Its priority is the safety of food / products and your employees.

  • Always acts according to the standard systems set by your business.
  • The integrated management plan targets only specific pests in food establishments.
  • Pays great attention to the impact on the supply chain.
  • Protects the brand name of your business
  • Constantly strives to evolve and improve the methods of applications in disinfestations, informing its staff about the most effective and safe formulations and applications.
  • Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your premises and record insect hazards. After the inspection, we propose a series of precautionary measures for the best sealing of your building structures, using materials that ensure chronic durability, by excluding some points or by cleaning works in specific areas and machines.
  • We carry out sprays both on the exterior and perimeter of the plant for the prevention of reptile insects. In addition, the traps for the reptiles inside the factory are checked, we record the findings, and if necessary, additional measures are taken (thermal method of disinfestation on machines or surfaces to kill harmful pests in a non-toxic way).
  • Electric insect traps are installed depending on the area. All our insect traps are made of high quality materials and are suitable for food areas.

Remember that proper prevention helps reduce problems. Thus, e.g. The observance of good hygienic conditions, the proper maintenance of the facilities but also the restriction of openings prevent the future entry of insects, which are sources of infection.

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