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Business Disinfestation

Disinfestation Services for Businesses

Disinfestation in businesses has significantly greater indirect added value for their operation. It is obvious that in order to protect and maintain the reputation of your business, one must constantly take care of the fight against pests and the dangers they pose to public health due to the pathogenic burden they carry. That someone is us! Come to Protect for the disinfection your professional space and dedicate yourself unhindered to your business goals. Remember that some species of insects are dangerous because they bite or sting, others because they transmit diseases or contaminate food, while others due to the damage they do on property or materials. Our company, given the fact that each business has its own special needs, will follow a personalized program of frequent controls and applications, maintaining your spaces clean from any kind of annoying insects with a 100% guaranteed result. Protect uses formulations approved by the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food, harmless to public health, always at the best prices and with consistency in the services it offers.

Disinfestation: Necessary and obligatory

Prevention and management of pest infestation inside and around your facilities, is the "key" to hygiene and success of your business. Especially in fields such as catering, hotels, trade, etc., insects are always unwanted, as they are the most Typical sign of poor hygiene.

Their presence can bring even criminal sanctions against those responsible, which is why we make sure you are certain that the disinfestation program fully covers the threats that you face. Consider how an attack on raw food materials negatively contributes to one's finances. So do not waste time! Call Protect for a high-quality collaboration and say goodbye to insects. The complete management program that we build exclusively for your needs, is based on the triptych "inspection - implementation - control", and that way, we deal with the problems caused by insects before they even start (proactive) to minimize the need for reactive measures. We focus on your problem to suppress it in the shortest time that is possible.

The methods we apply are:
  • Chemical control
  • Disinfestation with low pressure sprayers.li>
  • Disinfestation with traction gel.
  • Fumigation with fumigation.
  • Application of flying insect traps.
  • Plant protection applications against plant insects.

The implementation and maintenance of the pest management program that is carried out, includes the keeping of a disinfestation file in the business premises, which is considered mandatory by law 852/2004 / EC, par. 5. Do not forget that the disinfestation of business premises is a necessary and obligatory process. Protect aims to protect you, your staff, your customers, but also your services and products. Our company applies certified Quality, Environment, Health and Management Safety System according to the ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ELOT 1801: 200 standards. In each cooperating company we undertake the organization of the Disinfestation File and its supply with the foreseen certificates without the need for shutdown during application of the disinfestation method. In addition, we take care of the application and the organization of the HACCP files, in accordance with the Health Ordinance Υ1γ / Γ.Π / οικ.96967 / 2012 ΦΕΚ 2718 / 8.10.2012 and the Community Regulation EC 852/2004.
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