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Factory Rodenticides

Factory Rodenticides

Fighting rodents is not an easy and simple task. Especially when it comes to large-scale building installations, such as factories. One only has to think that a rat can fit through an opening the size of its head, to find that locating their nests is a problem for strong solvers.

The importance of hygiene in factories:

Mice and rats are moving sources of infection and sources of danger to public health and the economy around the world.

Especially in a strictly professional area, such as a factory, their extermination is imperative as they destroy its hygiene, they cause very serious damage to food, business items and electrical installations, but above all they can cause significant problems to the image and reputation of your business, something that you should avoid at all costs. Each factory must meet the necessary standards for the production of its products in accordance with the health standards set by EFET.
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A single dead mouse can put you in a "padlock"!

In the food industry, facilities may be discarded during inspections if even one dead mouse is found. In factories such as the industries producing all kinds of food, beverages, drinks and water, ensuring hygiene is vital for the quality of the goods produced and for their durability over time.

The peculiarities of rodenticide in factories

You should not ignore the fact that it is impossible for the factories to stop their production in order to be able to carry out any kind of disinfection, which is why at Protect we make sure that the rodenticide service is completed immediately and quickly, without compromising the quality of the result. It is also important to know that the older a factory is, the more rodenticide on its premises should become your primary concern. It should be noted that many factories, due to waste, have a problem in their sewers, where rodents lurk to penetrate inside the facilities, looking for food and shelter.

Protect leaves rodents out of your factory!

The professional rodenticide application offered by Protect, will protect you or free you from unwanted and particularly dangerous rodents. We can reach even the most inaccessible areas of the plant, in order to control every corner, so that we can carry out a complete and effective rodenticide, which will first include cutting off the of their food source, and from there on locating and destroying their nests.

We provide you with lasting protection

It is imperative that we ensure that new rodents which will be born do not find a nest on the factory premises. In other words, it is not enough just to kill what already exists there. Protect treats rodent control with rodenticide as a service of the utmost importance and responsibility, which meets all the required legal and scientific standards. That's why we make sure to inform you and carry out rodenticides on a regular basis (remember that in Spring and Autumn there is an increase in rodent reproduction). We have a wide range of products, which is a result of our experience in rodenticide, as well as information on all market developments. With low cost and always with great concern in regard to the environment and your health. So leave the rodents outside your factory and maintain its excellent image, eliminating the health risks with the guarantee of Protect.

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