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Disinfestation for cockroaches

Disinfestation for cockroaches

With over 3,500 species, a creepy look and proverbial skills in ... sprint and survival, cockroaches are sure that when they are in your area, they will stress you out for many reasons. They are a highly adaptable and durable insect, capable of invading the most incredible places in a variety of ways, in all kinds of buildings. A cockroach can fast for months and stay alive for about 40 days without water, it does not feel pain, and when injured, it shows unique endurance. It is typical that she lives up to 9 days without her head! The only factor that makes cockroaches vulnerable are the low temperatures, which is why they are looking for warm and tropical climates, like in our country.

The reasons that impose disinfection for cockroaches and the places where we intervene

The presence of cockroaches poses serious health risks, as they can be carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, associated with: dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever, salmonella, staph and streptococcus. Also, their secretions cause allergic reactions mainly to children.

Protect specializes in cockroach control, with specialized staff and state-certified methods, which guarantee the perfect hygiene of your space, while after each application you are given the relevant certificate of disinfection and disinfestation.

Insecticide to treat cockroaches can be applied to:
  • Houses, apartments, apartment buildings, detached houses
  • Businesses, restaurants, food warehouses
  • Factories - food industries
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Camps
  • Public services
  • Ships
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The stages of disinfestation for cockroaches

In homes and restaurants we usually deal with the fine cockroach (German). There we intervene with the application of a gel in places around the kitchen, as well as in various parts of the toilet. When dealing with the black (Asian) or American cockroach, the wells should be sprayed, the drainage checked (eg on the siphons), but also the perimeter sprayed (eg on the balconies). Our company guarantees that the materials it uses are approved by the EOF and are completely safe for humans, pets and plants. All you need to do when applying the disinfestation is to open the windows so that the space is well ventilated.

A professional disinfection-disinfestation for cockroaches is divided into 4 basic stages:
  • We recognize the species of cockroaches, the size of the population in your area and the hiding places where they reside.
  • Planning: We plan how to deal with the problem, the disinfestation technique, and decide where to intervene. This is the most important level of implementation, as it will determine the effectiveness of the rest of the procedure.
  • We keep a record of the two previous application pillars (cockroach species and populations we found, which materials were used). In this way, if an additional application is needed at another time, we have the appropriate material to save time in dealing with unwanted visitors.
  • Prevention: Protect pays great attention to counseling support and is always available to answer your questions. At the end of our work, we inform you about what you need to watch out for cockroaches, the entry points we have discovered and anything that favors their development in your area.

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