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Business Rodenticides

Rodenticide Services for Business

Do not let rodents destrory your business nomatter if ti is a small business or a large one,. The reputation of your business is very important and at Protect we attend to ensure it, offering complete solutions related to hygiene, that are always tailored to your needs. The negative effects that the presence of rodents can cause in your space, are not limited to material damage (eg electrical where there is a risk of short circuits or power outages, even fire, piping, raw materials). The negative image created to customers and employees (which in turn implies a decrease in their morale and productivity), the transmission of harmful diseases and of course the violation of health protocols, are matters that you should avoid.

The "key" is prevention

Every modern business is a "living organism" with learning skills and not a money-making machine. So when it is invaded by harmful to its viability factors, it must be prepared and have the appropriate "armory" to ward off danger. And of course to learn from its mistakes. Due to the fact that prevention is always better than control, the preventive methods we carry out are sure to effectively prevent a possible infection. Proper maintenance and construction of building facilities is the first and most important step to avoid the presence of rodents. Openings and cavities, which can become entry points or nests for unwanted visitors, need to be repaired.

The same goes for suspended ceilings or hollow floors, which can become breeding grounds, as well as any object that can become a refuge for rodents. It is especially important not to have access to food and water, but also to have space, as mice and rats avoid crossing large areas. Instead, they are looking for living spaces that are small and dark. Small cracks and crevices in the building where your business is housed can provide shelter and breeding grounds in general. All your premises must be clean and tidy, because this way the rodents do not find ground to reproduce.
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Protect ensures the longevity of your business

Remember that a recent study revealed that two of the "key" factors that apply to most long-term running businesses are that they are environmentally conscious and resilient. Your business, therefore, must be able to develop the appropriate defense mechanisms in order to withstand time (and rodent attacks). That's where Protect makes the difference! We detect any issues of hygiene or structural conditions that favor the presence of rodents, examine any signs of infection and assess the degree of danger, studying each condition that contributes to activity that requires rodenticide. Our services are in accordance to all modern management standards and are under the constant supervision and guidance of our scientific team. You should also keep in mind that the bigger your business is, the more complicated it is to deal with rodent issues in your facility. Given the fact that the root of the problem must be found, a large business requires more time and money to find the "source of evil" (eg sewer fault).

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