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Office Disinfestations

Office Disinfestation

The fact that buildings where many offices are co-located, face insect infestations is a given. The peculiarity and differentiation of them compared to other places, is that often during the afternoon and evening hours. the offices remain closed. That is when parasites are mainly active, which if not treated in time, cause problems in the workplace.

The Benefits of an Insect Clean Business

It goes without saying that the efficiency and reliability of a professional space is also related to the matter of cleanliness, which the presence of insects endangers. After all, all modern research shows that a clean work environment helps to increase employee performance, significantly reducing stress, which has a negative impact on their efficiency.

It is self-evident that in an office space without insects (and any other kind of pests), the employee does not waste valuable time ... chasing annoying visitors and can stay seamlessly focused on the object of his work. At the same time, a clean (and insect-resistant) office environment positively predisposes customers who visit it. In fact, when it comes to common areas (eg toilets), cleanliness is directly related to health, which every office manager must ensure for all those who are in it.

So because your job is not to ... hunt insects, come to Protect to be sure that you will spend creative time in your office, which will be free of unwanted parasites.


Maximum security provided by Protect’s action protocols

Our company knows from the inside the peculiarities of the disinfestation of professional spaces, and all the necessary work for the control of entomological infestations that we perform, comes from careful planning in order to comply with the instructions of the materials used and the Legislation.

At Protect we emphasize the use of natural methods, biological means and materials friendly to humans, animals and the environment, which are approved for use in residential areas and residential spaces. They are safe, odorless and non-toxic, which means that they allow immediate use of the space after application. They have double or triple action and effectiveness on all types of surfaces, with rapid insectotoxic action. In addition, they do not stain or corrode surfaces. The actions have to do with the treatment of all insects (cockroaches, flies, ants, wasps, scorpions, mosquitoes, etc.), while specialized applications are carried out in industrial offices, hotels, schools, food processing areas, etc.

We act with respect to your space

We recognize that our role is to go unnoticed and leave the offices exactly as we found them, but without insects! We do not throw anything, and whatever needs to be removed during the disinfestation, is returned to its original position. We come to you maintaining all the necessary specifications and fully respecting your privacy.

We pay special attention to the communal areas, which are of major health importance. In the context of integrated insect control, Protect takes into account the type of insect that needs to be treated, the particular characteristics of the area and the environmental conditions. In fact, advice is often provided on the proper management of the space, which contributes to the effective treatment of the entomological infestation. Each method applied in disinfestations, is accompanied by the necessary documents and certificates and is compatible with modern safety standards observed in the field of applications (HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, BRC, IFS).

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