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Disinfection of Company Vehicles

Disinfection of Company Vehicles

Did you know luggage is considered to be the primary carrier of viruses and bacteria worldwide? Or that no matter how meticulous you are with the cleanling of your vehicle, the high temperatures that develop in its interior, especially during summer time, favor the growth of germs? It seems unbelievable, but the steering wheel of the car hosts 4 times more bacteria in relation to the toilet bowl! The number of bacteria we carry with our hands every time we touch the steering wheel, the dashboard, the door handles, the ashtrays or even the radio and the various car-multimedia controls, is vast: about 700 different strains of bacteria "live" in interior of a car! In fact, if one, such as e.g. young children, has the habit of ... snacking in the cabin, then the leftovers gather in inaccessible places and thus germs and mold grow.

Corporate vehicle = business extension

Keeping the interior of the vehicle clean and tidy has a twofold profit: on one hand, it removes harmful microorganisms that have found shelter and threaten you with allergies and infections and on the other hand it maintains the high value of the vehicle. So when it comes to corporate vehicles, the reputation of your business is not worth risking for reasons of cleanliness.

Any company vehicle (taxi, minivan, personnel, guest or customer transport vehicles etc.) is an extension of the business. Especially during this day and age in regard to the health crisis we are dealing with, the cleaning of the vehicle is considered a must, not only from dust and dirt but also from microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. In any case, its hygiene is much more important than a simple inside and outside wash!

Disinfection and biological cleaning is the best solution, which is performed by trained professionals who use special machinery and mild chemicals to effectively remove germs, mites, mold and any pet hair. So call Protect and give your company vehicle the importance it deserves in regard to its cleanliness!
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Disinfection in every space and in depth

With the responsibility that characterizes Protect, we disinfect the following key points in vehicles:

We provide the option of disinfection in any part of your vehicle, internally and externally, even in the most difficult places, with an ecological way of treatment (zero residues in the area and in the environment). The innovative technologies we apply, ensure the absolute safety in regard to the direct contact of the interior of the car by people of any age, even if they suffer from chronic allergic conditions.

Our priority at Protect is the good health of our employees and our customers. That's why we always deliver the vehicles after they go through all disinfection and biological procedures of cleaning. We disinfect the air conditioning of your car with certified, ecological products. We carry out the disinfection of the evaporator, of air ducts, but also the cab of the vehicle simultaneously. So after its implementation and the changing of the cabin filter, we ensure that there will not be any outbreaks through nwhich bacteria will grow. This process is done due to the fact that air ducts and the whole air conditioning system are an ideal hiding place for the germs.

  • Door handles
  • Trunk handle
  • Door columns
  • Hood handle
  • Interior door handle
  • Exterior door handle
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear Lever
  • Handbrake
  • Back and seat position adjustment lever
  • Armrest (door and console)
  • Wiper switch
  • Projection switch
  • Radio switches
  • Flash switch
  • Interior mirror
  • Dashboard
  • Sunshade
  • Window switch (driver side)
  • Indoor light switch
  • Hood opening switch
  • Trunk opening switch
  • Air conditioning switches
  • Seat belt
  • Interior door cover
  • Interior trunk lid

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