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Health Centers Rodenticides

Rodenticides of Businesses of Sanitary Interest

Health is the most valuable asset, especially in areas of sanitary interest, the presence of rodents, which are carriers of pathogenic microorganisms that they transmit to their environment and cause dangerous diseases, is judged deemed to be forbidden. At Protect we strive to provide you with a fully protected environment from all kinds of pests, always having the safety of your staff at all times. We fully understand the increased demands and we set high standards in the service we provide you, since the dispersal of microorganisms is done through the contamination both of the inanimate environment as well as of humans, and a scientific approach is required in regard to dealing with such situations. In pest management everything starts with science. That's why you need a specialist with experience in rodenticide and disinfection for businesses of sanitary interest. So trust Protect and our specialized crew in order to have effective rodenticides in your own business of a sanitary interest.

A Rodent system specially designed for your case

Although this type of facility is less vulnerable than others, such as a food warehouse, even the slightest exposure in carriers of infectious diseases, such as rodents, may be endangering the health of many people.

That is why our company implements a rodenticide system specially designed for your space and needs, for the optimal protection of your business and its reputation. No sanitary facility is the same with any other. For this reason we scientifically approach rodenticide in your area, in accordance with the principles of integrated pest management (I.P.M), which is based on prevention techniques and the use of chemicals as a last resort
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Which companies need protection?

At the same time, we train and guide your staff in methods to prevent pests from entering your space. Do not forget that the big flow in sanitary facilities and the storage of products in warehouses, are factors that help increase the chances of being attacked by various unwanted "visitors". Without exaggeration, even a single rodent can "close" businesses such as:

Businesses that provide services that are required to comply with a pest control program, which arises as a need to ensure public health, are:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Confectioneries and bakeries
  • Butchers & Fish Shops
  • Fruit Shops
  • Frozen Food Stores
  • Food Laboratories
  • Food Warehouses
  • Cellars
  • Supermarkets
  • Smaller stores etc.
  • gyms
  • hotels
  • schools
  • tutoring and schools
  • Nursing homes
  • Hairdressers, beauty salons, tattoo parlors, etc.

Hygiene with quality credentials

Protect guarantees a complete shielding solution for your facilities, faithfully following the Greek and European legislation, the instructions of EFET and international quality standards (HACCP, ISO), which state that preventive applications of rodenticides in each of the above spaces must be carried out at regular intervals. With us you will have access and keeping a complete log and analysis of the activity, since every business of sanitary interest must follow among others, a program of rodent control. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine sait that "A healthy lifestyle is contagious, but do not expect everyone to respond to it. You however must remain its carrier”, something that our company believes in and applies to each of its partners!

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