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Kapodistriou 32, 104 32, Athens
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Quality Policy


At PROTECT we apply a specific implementation process of each project, followed by a quality management system.


Rodenticide is carried out through a complete rodent control program.


Insecticide aims to control insects. Be informed on all the methods of pest control.


Is necessary to limit the spread of the virus, in a complete covid-19 management plan.

Repulsion of Animals & Pests

Repulsion involves the application of methods in order to avoid the presence of parasites or animals.

Quality policy

The quality policy, adopted and supported by all its members, with which all the necessary actions of PROTECT are launched, is summarized in the following:

  1. To continuously improve the processes of the Management Systems that it implements and to ensure constant update for new requirements.
  2. To provide its services in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework and international standards.
  3. To provide structured and evaluable training to all its staff in order to acquire specialization and efficiency in its work.
  4. To use and provide high quality products.
  5. To act as an advisor for every kind of need of its clients, ensuring adequacy in the specific object of applications and adopting corrective actions where it is deemed necessary.
  6. To provide its services in order to fully meet the requirements of its customers and always to the extent it commits to, ensuring that they benefit effectively and efficiently in terms of cost and quality.
  7. To provide its services proving that the level of quality and service is the most satisfactory.

standard Iso 9001: 2015

In summary, the company PROTECT moves towards maintaining and continuously improving its reliability, giving great importance to constant personal contact with its customers, evaluating their needs and supporting effective services at competitive prices.

PROTECT implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, and has established all the necessary procedures in order to ensure, maintain and improve the services it provides to its customers.

In addition, PROTECT is one of the first companies whose management system fully meets the requirements of EN 16636 and belongs to the list of companies that are pan-European certified (CEPA Certified Company).

All the services we provide are in accordance with the rules of environmental management (ELOT EN ISO 14001: 2015), the standard concerning the Health & Safety of employees (ISO 45001: 2018) and the basic principles of HACCP, and are harmonized to cover fully meet your needs.


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